Shallow Ford

Shallow Ford Cemetery

As we have graves dating back to the 1840s, they require special care and proper maintenance. Currently, Shallow Ford's cemetery committee is working diligently to keep the cemetery clean and in repair. We are doing our best to make sure our records are up-to-date and easy to understand. If you require assistance, have questions, or would like to donate time or services to the upkeep of our cemetery please contact us at 336.584.6646 or

You can find our cemetery listed at

On the far side of the Haw River...

Prior to 1832 the only Christian church in the community was on the other side of the Haw River. During rainy seasons this meant that those on the other side of the Haw River would have to find ways across the flooded banks and river crossings. The community members decided they would open a church on this side of the river. They found a shallow ford that did not flood like the rest of the banks. Meetings started taking place on Sundays in 1832 and the first church was completed in 1834. They soon outgrew the small building and started work on a new building. This country church sat on the site of the current church and opened in 1878. It was a one room church divided into four distinct sides. Over time classrooms were added to the front and back to accommodate the growing congregation. That church stood, as pictured above, until 1963 when it was broken down and the current building was built in its place.